Electro-hydraulic actuators for valves

Electro-hydraulic actuators for valves

Model No.︰SKB32...82

Brand Name︰siemens (Landis)

Country of Origin︰Germany

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Product Description

standard electronics
type Operating voltage Positioning signal Spring-return Positioning time Enhanced functions
      function / Time Opening/Closing  
SKB32.50 AC 230V 3-position      120s/ 120s  
SKB32.51 AC 230V 3-position     yes / 10s  
SKB82.50 AC 24V 3-position    
SKB82.50U * AC 24V 3-position    
SKB82.51 AC 24V 3-position     yes / 10s  
SKB82.51U * AC 24V 3-position     yes / 10s  
SKB62 AC 24V DC 0…10V, 4-20mA, or 0…1000 ohm     yes / 15s    30s/ 15s  
SKB62U * AC 24V     yes / 15s  
SKB60 AC 24V    
SKB62UA * AC 24V     yes / 15s yes


Type    Description For actuator 
ASC1.6    Auxiliary switch         for SKB6…

ASC9.3    Dual auxiliary switches  for  SKB32… or SKB82...

ASZ7.3     Potentiometer 1000 Ω    for SKB32…… or SKB82...

ASZ7.31   Potentiometer 135 Ω    for SKB32…… or SKB82...

ASZ7.32    Potentiometer 200 Ω     for SKB32…… or SKB82...

ASZ6.5     Stem heater AC 24 V        FOR  SKB…         1 x ASZ6.5

ASK51      Mechanical stroke inverter   FOR  SKB…

Specifications︰ Electro-hydraulic actuators for valves with a 20 mm stroke

SKB32... Operating voltage AC 230 V, 3-position control signal

SKB82... Operating voltage AC 24 V, 3-position control signal

SKB6... Operating voltage AC 24 V, control signal DC 0…10 V, 4…20 mA or 0...1000 Ω

SKB6… Choice of flow characteristic, position feedback, stroke calibration, LED status indication, override control

SKB62UA with functions choice of direction of operation, stroke limit control, sequence control with adjustable start point and operating range, operation of frost protection monitors QAF21... and QAF61...

Positioning force 1000 N

Actuator versions with or without spring-return function

For direct mounting on valves; no adjustments required

Manual adjuster and position indicator

Optional functions with auxiliary switches, potentiometer, stem heater and mechanical stroke inverter

SKB...U are UL-approved
For the operation of Siemens 2-port and 3-port valves, types VVF..., VVG..., VXF... and VXG... with a 20 mm stroke as control and safety shut-off valves in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


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