Model No.︰FR-A800


Country of Origin︰Japan

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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model power
FR-A840-00023-2-60 0.4KW
FR-A840-00038-2-60 0.75KW
FR-A840-00052-2-60 1.5KW
FR-A840-00083-2-60 2.2KW
FR-A840-00126-2-60 3.7KW
FR-A840-00170-2-60 5.5KW
FR-A840-00250-2-60 7.5KW
FR-A840-00310-2-60 11KW
FR-A840-00380-2-60 15KW
FR-A840-00470-2-60 18.5KW
FR-A840-00620-2-60 22KW
FR-A840-00770-2-60 30KW
FR-A840-00930-2-60 37KW
FR-A840-01160-2-60 45KW
FR-A840-01800-2-60 55KW
FR-A840-02160-2-60 75KW
FR-A840-02600-2-60 90KW
FR-A840-03250-2-60 110KW
FR-A840-03610-2-60 132KW
FR-A840-04320-2-60 160KW
FR-A840-04810-2-60 185KW
FR-A840-05470-2-60 220kw
FR-A840-06100-2-60 250kw
FR-A840-06830-2-60 280kw

Specifications︰ Mitsubishi A800 Series Variable Frequency Drive. 480V 3 phase In, 480V 3 phase Out, (AC Motor Speed Controller)
The A800 Series is Mitsubishi's flagship inverter solution that delivers multi-use performance, accuracy and system flexibility in an ultra reliable hardware package designed for industrial use.

The cost-effective variable speed control solution for advanced and general purpose applications with Mitsubishi Electric Quality.

Wide Speed Range: 200:1 operating range is possible - even when the drive is used 'open loop'
Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed motor operation
Auto-tuning allows improved performance using virtually any manufacturer's motor
Simple to Use: The A800 is perfect for a wide range of applications
Simple to Set Up: The integrated digital setting dial with display makes configuration fast and easy
Simple Operation: Control remotely or with the built-in digital control
Simple to Choose: Low cost and with Mitsubishi Electric quality ensuring long operation life

Includes brake chopper circuit as standard
Includes built-in PLC functions
USB communications allow fast commissioning and troubleshooting
Standard RS-485 serial communications supporting Modbus® RTU
Sink / Source selectable I/O
0 to 10V analog output
Supports remote I/O function via network
Built-in PID Control
Delivers rated current at 50°C and 14.5kHz carrier frequency with 200% overload for 3 seconds
options for CC-Link®, DeviceNetTM, Profibus-DP, LonWorks®, EtherNet/IP
1 year factory warranty
UL, cUL, CE rated

Min Order︰ 1

Ship Date︰ 2 days

Standard Met︰ CE VDE UL CCC

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