LENZE AC inverters (SMD series)

LENZE AC inverters (SMD series)

Model No.︰SMD系列

Brand Name︰Lenze

Country of Origin︰Germany

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

ESMD371L4TXA  0.37KW,380V
ESMD751L4TXA  0.75KW,380V
ESMD112L4TXA   1.1KW,380V
ESMD152L4TXA   1.5KW,380V
ESMD222L4TXA   2.2KW,380V
ESMD302L4TXA    3.0KW,380V
ESMD372L4TXA    4.0W,380V
ESMD552L4TXA     5.5KW,380V
ESMD752L4TXA     7.5KW,380V
ESMD113L4TXA     11KW,380V
ESMD153L4TXA     15KW,380V
ESMD183L4TXA     18KW,380V
ESMD223L4TXA     22KW,380V


Specifications︰ The Lenze SMD inverter is a simple no nonsense drive
Very competitively priced
Easy to set up - single sheet manual anyone can understand
Highly recommended for basic applications
Small size makes it ideal for retrofitting

Features Options
Compact Design
Integrated keypad
Plug in parameter storage
Isolated I/O
Integral Class A RFI Filter - 1ph unit
Onboard PID std option - 3ph unit
DIN Rail mounting
RFI Filters
IP65 Remote keypad
Dynamic Braking Module
Through Plate mounting
Cold Plate

Min Order︰ 1

Ship Date︰ 3 days