LS(LG) inverter ( IG5 series)

LS(LG) inverter ( IG5 series)

Model No.︰iG5 sereis

Brand Name︰LG/LS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

0.37 SV004iG5-1
0.75 SV008iG5-1
1.5 SV015iG5-1
0.37 SV004iG5-2
0.75 SV008iG5-2
1.5 SV015iG5-2
2.2 SV022iG5-2
3.7 SV037iG5-2
4 SV040iG5-2
0.37 SV004iG5-4
0.75 SV008iG5-4
1.5 SV015iG5-4
2.2 SV022iG5-4
3.7 SV037iG5-4
4 SV040iG5-4
0.37 SV004iG5-4N
0.75 SV008iG5-4N
1.5 SV015iG5-4N
2.2 SV022iG5-4N
3.7 SV037iG5-4N
4 SV040iG5-4N

Specifications︰ Product introduction:

-Power / voltage class:
0.37- 1.5kW, 200-230VAC, a phase
0.37- 4.0kW, 200-230VAC, the three-phase
0.37- 4.0kW, 380-460VAC, the three-phase
-Protection grade: IP00- IP20
-Frequency converter type: Adopt PWM of IGBT to control
-Control mode: V/F space vector PWM technology
-Built-in: RS-485
-Built-in: ModBus-RTU
-Built-in: PID control
-Long-range control panel ' Can read and write the parameter)
-0.5Hz outputs 150% of the running torque
-Antistall function
-8 leg speeds are controlled
-3 sections of jump frequency
-3 multi-functions are input
-A multi-function is exported
-Analog output ( 0- 10V)
-PNPandNPN one pair of direction signals
-Tracing of speed
-Carrier frequency 1 to 10kHz
-Built-in to brake the unit
-Manually / automatic running torque is compensated

Export Markets︰ machinery ,light industrail equipment

Min Order︰ 1

Ship Date︰ 2 days

Standard Met︰ UL CE CCC VDE

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