ball screw

ball screw

Model No.︰R1系列

Brand Name︰HWIN

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Specifications︰ Product Name: Nut Rotary (R1 Series)
Product brand: HIWIN Product model: R1 series

Product unit: Deputy
Keywords: ball screw, screw, screw, ball screw


Small size and high precision
Easy to assemble
High feed
High rigidity
low noise

Semiconductor machinery
Industrial robot
Woodworking machine
Laser processing machine
Transport device, etc.

Export Markets︰ General machine tool 2. Industrial machinery: printing machinery, paper machinery, automated machinery, textile machinery 3. Electromechanical: robotic arm, measuring equipment, X-Y platform, medical equipment, factory automation equipment 4. Transmission machinery: metal heat treatment equipment, nuclear reactor, actuator 5. Aerospace industry: aircraft flap actuators, seat actuators, airport equipment 6. Other: radio antenna actuators, door and window control, medical bed control, parking equipment

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