AB inverter ,PowerFlex400 (pump & fan)

AB inverter ,PowerFlex400  (pump & fan)

Model No.︰PowerFlex400

Brand Name︰AB( rockwell)

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

  PowerFlex 400 AC drives are designed to meet global OEM, contractor and end user demands for flexibility, space savings and ease of use. The PowerFlex 400 AC drive is a cost-effective solution for speed control in variable torque fan and pump applications. • Power ratings of 2.2...250 kW/3.0...350 Hp at 380-480V and 2.2...37 kW/3.0...50 Hp at 200-240V • Integral PID controller allows a process variable to be maintained by automatically adjusting the output frequency • Three programmable skip frequencies and bands prevent the drive from running continuously at resonant speeds, which could cause mechanical breakdowns • Selectable fan/pump curves provide reduced voltage patterns for centrifugal fan and pump loads • Sleep function allows the drive to be cycled off when the system demand drops below a preset level and to be restarted automatically when the demand increases • For applications that require unattended operation, the Start at Power Up function provides the ability to resume running after power is restored after a power outage • Connection to fire and life safety systems via freeze/fire and purge inputs • Auxiliary motor control allows staging of additional line-started motors to meet system demand • Damper input can be used to disable the drive output until desired damper position is obtained, even with a valid run command


Export Markets︰ water supply

Min Order︰ 1

Standard Met︰ VDE , UL, TVU

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