S7-1200 series PLC (new !)

S7-1200 series PLC (new !)

Model No.︰S71200

Brand Name︰siemens

Country of Origin︰Germany

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

  SPEC.: order no.
CPU CPU 1211C 1211 CPU AC/DC/Rly 6ES7 211 1BG40 0XB0
CPU 1212C 1211 CPU DC/DC/DC 6ES7 211 1AG40 0XB0
CPU 1214C 1211 CPU DC/DC/Rly 6ES7 211 1HG40 0XB0
  1212 CPU AC/DC/Rly 6ES7 212 1BG40 0XB0
  1212 CPU DC/DC/DC 6ES7 212 1AG40 0XB0
  1212 CPU DC/DC/Rly 6ES7 212 1HG40 0XB0
  1214 CPU AC/DC/Rly 6ES7 214 1BG40 0XB0
  1214 CPU DC/DC/DC 6ES7 214 1AG40 0XB0
  1214 CPU DC/DC/Rly 6ES7 214 1HG40 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1222 8 x replay output 6ES7 222 1HF32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1222 8 x 24V DC output 6ES7 222 1BF32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1223 8 x 24V DC input /8 x 6ES7 223 1PH32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1223 replay output 6ES7 223 1BH32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1221 8 x 24V DC input /8 x 24V DC output 6ES7 221 1BF32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1222 8 x 24V DC input 6ES7 222 1HH32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1222 16 x relay output 6ES7 222 1BH32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1223 16 x 24V DC output 6ES7 223 1PL32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1223 16 x 24V DC input /16 x 6ES7 223 1BL32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO SM 1221 replay output 6ES7 221 1BH32 0XB0
Digital DI/DO   16 x 24V DC input /16 x 24V DC output  
Digital DI/DO   16 x 24V DC   DI  
analog AI/AO SM 1234 4 x AI  /2 x AO 6ES7 234 4HE32 0XB0
analog AI/AO SM 1231 output 6ES7 231 4HD32 0XB0
analog AI/AO SM 1232 4 x analog input 6ES7 232 4HB32 0XB0
Analog AI/AO      
analog AI/AO   2 x  analog output  
cp card CM 1241 RS 485 6ES7 241 1CH32 0XB0
cp card CM 1241 RS 232 6ES7 241 1AH32 0XB0
  SB 1223 2 x 24V DC input /2 x 24V DC output 6ES7 223 0BD30 0XB0
  SB 1232 1 x analog output 6ES7 232 4HA32 0XB0
  SIM 1274 1214C simulator 6ES7 274 1XH30 0XA0
SIM 1274 1211C/1212C simulator 6ES7 274 1XF30 0XA0
SIMATIC SIMATIC KTP400 Basic mono PN 3.8 inches, 2 colors,4 function keys and ethernet port 6AV6 647-0AA11-3AX0
panel SIMATIC KTP600 Basic mono PN 5.7 inches,2 colors,6 function keys and ethernet port 6AV6 647-0AB11-3AX0
panel SIMATIC KTP600 Basic color PN 5.7 inches,256 colors,6 function keys and ethernet port 6AV6 647-0AD11-3AX0
panel SIMATIC KTP1000 Basic color PN 10.4 inches, 256 colors,8 function keys and ethernet port 6AV6 647-0AF11-3AX0
panel SIMATIC TP1500 Basic color PN 15 ' 256 color,without function key or ethernet port 6AV6 647-0AG11-3AX0

Specifications︰ Description
The new modular SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is at the core of our new offering for simple but highly precise automation tasks. The SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is modular and compact, versatile, a secure investment, and is powerfully fit for a full range of applications.
A scalable and flexible design, a communication interface that fulfills the highest standards of industrial communication and a full range of powerful integrated technology functions make this controller an integral part of a complete and comprehensive automation solution.
The optimized performance of our SIMATIC HMI Basic Panels, designed for seamless compatibility with this new controller and the powerfully integrated engineering system, ensures simplified development, fast start-up, precise monitoring and the highest level of usability. It‘s the interplay between these products and their innovative features that give you an unprecedented level of efficiency for small automation systems.

Advantages︰ Design and functions
The SIMATIC S7-1200 system comes in three different models, CPU 1211C, CPU 1212C and CPU 1214C, that may each be expanded to exactly fit your machine requirements. One signal board can be added inside the front of any CPU to easily expand the digital or analog I/Os without affecting the physical size of the controller. Signal modules can be connected to the right side of the CPU to further expand the digital or analog I/O capacity. CPU 1212C accepts two and CPU 1214C accepts eight signal modules. Finally, all SIMATIC S7-1200 CPUs can be equipped with up to three communication modules on the left side of the controller for performing point-to-point serial communication.

Easy and convenient installation
All SIMATIC S7-1200 hardware has built-in clips that allow for easy and convenient mounting on a standard 35-mm DIN rail. These built-in clips can also be snapped into an extended position to provide mounting holes for situations where panel mounting is required. The SIMATIC S7-1200 hardware can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position providing you with additional installation options. These integrated features offer users maximum flexibility during the installation process and they make the SIMATIC S7-1200 a practical solution for a wide variety of applications.

Space-saving design
All SIMATIC S7-1200 hardware has been specifically designed to save space in the control panel. For example, CPU 1214C has a width measuring only 110 mm and both the CPU 1212C and CPU 1211C are only 90 mm wide. Together with the small footprint of the communication modules and signal modules, this modular and compact system saves valuable space and offers you the highest level efficiency and flexibility during the installation process.

A modular concept for compact automation in a scalable design.
The SIMATIC S7-1200 features an integrated PROFINET interface, powerful integrated technology functions and a highly scalable and flexible design. This enables simple communication, efficient solutions for technological tasks, and perfectly fits individual automation requirements in a wide variety of applications.

Scalable and flexible design
Signal Modules:
Up to eight signal modules can be connected to the largest CPUs for the support of additional digital and analog I/Os.
Signal boards:
One signal board can be connected to all CPUs, allowing you to customize the CPUs by adding digital or analog I/Os to the controller without affecting its physical size. The modular concept provided by the SIMATIC S7-1200 allows you to design a controller system to exactly fit your application needs.

Up to 50 KB of integrated work memory is provided with a floating boundary between the user program and user data. Up to 2 MB of integrated load memory and 2 KB of integrated retentive memory are also provided. The optional SIMATIC Memory Card provides an easy way to transfer programs to multiple CPUs. This card can also be used for storing miscellaneous files or to update the firmware of the controller system.

Integrated PROFINET interface
The integrated PROFINET interface is used for programming, as well as for HMI and PLC-to-PLC communication. Additionally, it supports communication with third-party devices using open Ethernet protocols. This interface features an RJ45 connector with auto-cross-over functionality and provides for data transmission rates at 10/100 Mbit/s. It supports up to 16 Ethernet connections and the following protocols: TCP/IP native, ISO on TCP, and S7 communication.

SIMATIC S7-1200 Integrated technologies
Integrated technology for counting and measuring, closed-loop control and motion control make the SIMATIC S7-1200 an extremely versatile system for many types of automation tasks.

High-speed outputs for speed, position or duty cycle control
Two high-speed outputs are integrated into the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller for use as either pulse train outputs or pulse-width-modulated outputs. When configured as a PTO, a 50 percent duty cycle pulse train is provided at a rate of up to 100 kHz for the open-loop speed and position control of stepper motors and servo drives. Feedback for the pulse train outputs is provided internally using two of the high-speed counters. When configured as a PWM output, a fixed cycletime output with a variable duty cycle is provided for controlling the speed of a motor, position of a valve, or duty cycle of a heating element.

PLCopen motion function blocks
The SIMATIC S7-1200 supports the open-loop speed and position control of stepper motors and servo drives. This functionality is easily configured using an axis technology object along with the internationally accepted PLCopen motion function blocks included within the engineering system SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic. Absolute, relative and velocity moves are supported in addition to home and jog functions.

Drive commissioning control panel
The drive commissioning control panel included with the engineering system SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic simplifies the start-up and commissioning of stepper motors and servo drives.
It provides both automatic and manual control of a single motion axis as well as online and diagnostics information.

PID functionality for closed-loop control
The SIMATIC S7-1200 supports up to 16 PID control loops for simple process control applications. These control loops are easily configured using a PID controller technology object and the supporting editors provided within the engineering system SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic. Additionally, the SIMATIC S7-1200 supports PID auto-tuning to automatically compute the optimum tuning values for the gain, integral time and derivative time.

PID commissioning control panel
The PID commissioning control panel included within SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic simplifies the loop tuning process. It provides both automatic tuning and manual control capabilities for a single control loop and it also provides a graphical trend view of the tuning process.

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Standard Met︰ UL,CE,CCC,VDE,TVU

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