Yaskawa AC drives A1000 series, 0.4-355KW

Yaskawa AC drives A1000 series, 0.4-355KW

Model No.︰A1000 series

Brand Name︰Yaskawa

Country of Origin︰Japan

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

A1000 is a top quality drive: flexible, reliable and incredibly powerful. A product only possible from Yaskawa, knowing everything there is to know about the world of drive technology to create the most efficient drive possible.

Integrating tomorrow's features today, the A1000 is the world's smallest drive in its class with advanced vector control technology, next generation energy saving control, standard hardware baseblock function, removable terminal block with parameter backup function, and dual rated for normal duty and heavy duty applications.

Create special sequences and alarm functions with the visual programming tool DriveWorksEZTM. Yaskawa's Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating is no surprise when performance life monitors are part of the formula. These monitors notify you of part wear and maintenance periods to prevent problems before they occur.

Today's industrial automation components need to be flexible and open for various network communication protocols. The A1000 takes this seriously and has the ability to talk your language with Modbus RTU, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet with ADR, PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus TCP/IP, and MECHATROLINK-II.

Specifications︰ 0.4-355kw, 400v

CIMR-AB4A0002 0.4KW
CIMR-AB4A0004 0.75KW
CIMR-AB4A0005 1.50KW
CIMR-AB4A0007 2.2KW
CIMR-AB4A0009 3.0KW
CIMR-AB4A0011 3.7KW
CIMR-AB4A0018 5.5KW
CIMR-AB4A0023 7.5KW
CIMR-AB4A0031 11KW
CIMR-AB4A0038 15KW
CIMR-AB4A0044 18.5KW
CIMR-AB4A0058 22KW
CIMR-AB4A0072 30KW
CIMR-AB4A0088 37KW
CIMR-AB4A0103 45KW
CIMR-AB4A0139 55KW
CIMR-AB4A0165 75KW
CIMR-AB4A0208 90KW
CIMR-AB4A0250 110KW
CIMR-AB4A0296 132KW
CIMR-AB4A0362 160KW
CIMR-AB4A0414 185KW
CIMR-AB4A0515 220KW
CIMR-AB4A0675 315KW

Min Order︰ 1

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