KEYENCE Photoelectric Sensors

KEYENCE Photoelectric Sensors

Model No.︰PS-N & PZ-G

Brand Name︰KEYENCE

Country of Origin︰Japan

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Product Description

Photoelectric Sensor
 A.  PS-N Series  Digital Photoelectric Sensor
  High environmental resistance & cable extension capabilities provide increased installation versatility
•  Extendable sensor head cable
•  Small size yet high power
•  Wide range of sensor head options
 B  PX Series , Heavy-Duty Photoelectric Sensor
   Heavy-Duty Photoelectric Sensor
•  Enclosure Ratings: IP68g/69K [NEMA Type 4X/6P/13]
•  7 Sensor Head Variations
•  High-power MEGA mode
•  Industry's First High Resolution Display
•  Customisable Display with Simple Settings
 C.  PZ-G Series , Self-contained Threaded Sensors
  Self-contained Threaded Sensors
•  Mega-power for long-range detection. 2x conventional models.
•  Easy optical axis alignment with light-receiving indicator.
•  Easy installation with one-touch mounting brackets
 D.  PZ-V/M Series
 Automatic Calibration Photoelectric Sensors
  Automatic Calibration Photoelectric Sensors
•  Detections are unaffected by variations in target color or angle
•  Excellent resistance to dust and dirt
•  One touch, fully automatic calibration
•  Unaffected by highly reflective target backgrounds
•  40 model variations available including quick disconnect types
•  High-power red LED(Except for PZ-M71/V71)
 E  PZ2 Series , Self-contained Photoelectric Sensors
  Photoelectric Sensors for Side by Side Operation
•  World's smallest photoelectric sensors
•  Excellent mirror surface detection
•  IP-67 rated waterproof housing
•  Sensors can operate side by side
 F. PS01 Series , One Touch Calibration Amplifier
  One-touch Calibration Amplifier
•  Ultra-long 4 meter detecting distance
•  Fully-automatic one-touch calibration
•  Wire-saving connection system (Patent pending)

FS-H1D FS-RS1 FS-V10 FS-V11 FS-V12 FS-V1(P) FS-T1(P)
FS-T2(P) FS-T1G FS-M1(P) FS-M2(P) FS-T0 FS-W0 FS-R0
FS-R3 FS2-60(P) FS2-62(P) FS2-65(P) FS2-60G FS-X18 FS-17(P)
FU-11 FU-13 FU-18 FU-20 FU-23X FU-24X FU-35FA
FU-35FZ FU-35FG FU-37 FU-38H FU-38K FU-92 FU-93Z
FU-94C FU-95H FU-95Z FU-95S FU-96 S-P11(12) S-P01

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