siemens DRIVES V20

siemens DRIVES V20

Model No.︰SINAMICS V20

Brand Name︰SIEMENS

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

V20 SERIES    


order no. delivery
380V,with line filter    
0.37KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE13-7CV0 in stocks
0.55KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE15-5CV0 in stocks
0.75KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE17-5CV0 in stocks
1.1KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE21-1CV0 in stocks
1.5KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE21-5CV0 in stocks
2.2KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE22-2CV0 in stocks
3KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BE23-0CV0 in stocks
4KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BE24-0CV0 in stocks
5.5KW/FSC 6SL3210-5BE25-5CV0 in stocks
7.5KW/FSD 6SL3210-5BE27-5CV0 in stocks
11KW/FSD 6SL3210-5BE31-1CV0 in stocks
15KW/FSD 6SL3210-5BE31-5CV0 in stocks
380V without filter    
0.37KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE13-7UV0  
0.55KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE15-5UV0 in stocks
0.75KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE17-5UV0 in stocks
1.1KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE21-1UV0 in stocks
1.5KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE21-5UV0 in stocks
2.2KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BE22-2UV0 in stocks
3KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BE23-0UV0 in stocks
4KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BE24-0UV0 in stocks
5.5KW/FSC 6SL3210-5BE25-5UV0 in stocks
7.5KW/FSD 6SL3210-5BE27-5UV0 in stocks
11KW/FSD 6SL3210-5BE31-1UV0 in stocks
15KW/FSD 6SL3210-5BE31-5UV0 in stocks
220V  with filter    
0.12KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB11-2AV0 8 weeks
0.25KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB12-5AV0 8 weeks
0.37KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB13-7AV0 8 weeks
0.55KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB15-5AV0 8 weeks
0.75KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB17-5AV0 8 weeks
1.1KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BB21-1AV0 8 weeks
1.5KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BB21-5AV0 8 weeks
2.2KW/FSC 6SL3210-5BB22-2AV0 8 weeks
3.0KW/FSC 6SL3210-5BB23-0AV0 8 weeks
220V without filter    
0.12KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB11-2UV0 8 weeks
0.25KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB12-5UV0 8 weeks
0.37KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB13-7UV0 8 weeks
0.55KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB15-5UV0 8 weeks
0.75KW/FSA 6SL3210-5BB17-5UV0 8 weeks
1.1KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BB21-1UV0 8 weeks
1.5KW/FSB 6SL3210-5BB21-5UV0 8 weeks
2.2KW/FSC 6SL3210-5BB22-2UV0 8 weeks
3.0KW/FSC 6SL3210-5BB23-0UV0 8 weeks
  6SL3255-0VE00-0UA0 8 weeks
BOP 6SL3255-0VA00-2AA0 8 weeks
 230V 8A, 400V 7A 6SL3201-2AD20-8VA0 8 weeks
V20 BOP  6SL3255-0VA00-4BA0 in stocks
BOP, 3 m cable) 6SL3256-0VP00-0VA0 8 weeks
SIMATIC SD card 6ES7954-8LB01-0AA0 in stocks
RS-485 terminal resisto (50 pcs) 6SL3255-0VC00-0HA0 8 weeks


Min Order︰ 1

Ship Date︰ 1 week

Standard Met︰ UL VD CE CCC

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